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(May 9, 2000)
calls StarTap

StarTap: Most Popular Program for Windows CE!
Defines the way PPCs Work!
The beat goes on! StarTap V4.93 finally imports those pesky shortcuts directly from the Start Menu. New as of April 4.

Click Me!
The PPC shown at the right has about 35 clickable links buried in it. Click on almost anything to learn more about the PPC in general, and StarTap in particular. Or, see our overview of StarTap.

We're sold on Windows CE! Find out why, in
What's in CE?

Also, we're keeping busy around here. If you like what you see in StarTap, find out what else is Coming Soon.

Check out the PPC! What you're looking at is our flagship product, StarTap. If you want to know more about Starbuck, Startler, PeMon, or StarTap on the HPC, just click on their icons! For TuBu and DeathStar, you want to see StarTap+. What may seem odd is the bar that's up at the top, now. That's a GigaBar. You'll hear more about it real soon! You can download V4.25, or Register here. But read the FAQ, Release Notes and the Help Files first!

Don't believe us? Who would?! Read the reviews:
The Gadgeteer
Direct CE
PDA Dash
CE Globe, and
User Comments!

CNet doesn't have a list that we're not on!
Picks, Popular, New, You name it!
Learn more about the new StarTap+ package. Zip, BackUp, More!


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