Have ya ever noticed, that if a program really goes into the weeds, you can't get to a Task Manager to shut the darned thing down? It's tantalizing. Often you can run the System applet, but darned if it'll let you get to the Task Manager tab. A soft reset is the only solution.

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Well, DeathStar will run when nothing else will! That's not to say that it'll work every time. Sometimes, the system is just too far gone, but if there's life, there's hope! Just Terminate the task that's causing the problem, and with luck you'll be able to save information and shut down other running programs normally.

Also, it's a little thing, but it may be DeathStar's coolest feature! Install DeathStar, and you'll never again have to respond to that idiotic "Do you want to use your Storage Card?" message after a soft reset. Around here, we smile everytime DeathStar kills it! Download now, or, to learn a little more, check out the help files.