Look familiar? I don't think so! What if you could take all those darned Help Files that programs put in your Windows directory (like StarTap, with 70 of 'em), and put 'em somewhere else, like on a Storage Card?

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ZipHelp has passed all of our tests, but is new. Copy the HelpStar.Zip file that it creates to your desktop computer. It'll give you protection if ZipHelp does something stupid. Thanks!
ZipHelp is completely transparent - you'll never know that it's there until you look at your Used Space. It packs all your current (and future) Help Files into a single, compressed package, which can be put anywhere, and you never have to think of it again.

ZipHelp is not sold separately, but is included with Starbuck and StarCar. Download and install either of those, and you'll get ZipHelp, too!