How to Register StarTap

In a moment, you'll be going over to I-Bill to pay for the registration of StarTap. Fill in the usual information, click on the Submit button at the bottom, and then what'll happen is this:

After your credit card is processed (you'll be charged US$10), the next screen will show your PIN. This number is important! Go to the Desktop Menu: Help / Register, and you'll see a field that says, "Enter your PIN here:". When the number is entered, StarTap should respond, Thank You! and your version will be registered. When you're ready, just click on Buy It! to pay your $10 and get registered!

Be aware that the Zip Themes, and BackUp capabilities are not included in this StarTap registration (except for trial use). For those, you want to register StarTap+.

Important Note! The page at iBill has this check box:

I agree to a One Time Tax Deductible $1 Donation to the International Foundation for the Protection of Children.

You must uncheck this box, or you'll be billed for another buck. Sorry! We're trying to get it resolved.

I-Bill is our
authorized sales agent.

If you have problems getting through to I-Bill, then try the Palm Size PC Store. It takes a little longer for you to actually get your registration information, but you will! If you have problems, with either system, find your Registration ID in Help / Register, send it to us by email, and we'll get you straightened away. If you have any questions or problems, send them to
Customer Service.

Thank You, and Thumbs Up!
Gene Knight