The StarTap+ Package

In StarTap+, you'll find enhancements and additions to StarTap itself, as well as Thumbs Up! Back Up! (TuBu), and a Task Manager of last resort: DeathStar.

If you want to get all three programs in a single package, you can do it with a single download.

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Currently, the Zip functions are the single greatest enhancement in StarTap+, but, in all honesty, most future additions will probably appear only here, rather than in StarTap proper (and you know they will come along, because they always have! Just read the Release Notes, and see!).

Now, with StarTap+, you can not only extract files from archives, you can create 'em, and add to 'em, too!

It's also a great complement to TuBu, since you can go into your backups, and pull out just the files that you're after.

StarTap+ can be purchased two ways: as an upgrade from StarTap, or as the full version.