Thumbs Up! Back Up!

"Why should I pay good money for a function that I already have, for free?!"
Glad you asked! First, your backup files will be about half the size they are now, because TuBu compresses the information using the standard Zip format. Second, TuBu allows you to restore just what you want. It's a real help if you're trying to get a "sick" machine healthy again!

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TuBu creates three files on your Storage Card, to contain your Files, Registry, and Databases. All three of these are regular Zip files. You can extract just the file you're after, or even UnZip the Registry file, and pick out just those Registry Keys that need to be restored (it's in a standard Export format).

Of course, after a hard reset, how do you run TuBu? Ah, for that, you have to know the secret!

Download TuBu and give it a try, but be aware! It will expire at the end of the month if you're not registered for StarTap+! Also, check out the help files.